Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are you regulated professional immigration consultants?

Yes. You can verify that our consultants are registered members of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC – the governing body that regulates Immigration Consultants in Canada) by going to the ICCRC website ( and searching their members list for ‘Castlewell’ or our member numbers R523557 and R514250.

Q. Why do you charge a fee for consultations?

Consultations often involve a significant amount of correspondence, including meetings, calls, detailed emails and background research. We strive to provide comprehensive and tailored assessments of eligibility and strategy for our clients. When a potential client purchases a consultation, we also do not limit the consultation to just the hour purchased, but also answer email follow-up questions. All this takes time. Therefore, we must charge a fee to compensate for the time and expertise that goes into such assessments.

Q. What experience do you have?

The Castlewell Immigration team possesses a combined 26 years experience in the Canadian immigration industry, working in some of the largest and well-known immigration law firms in Canada. We have trained under many of the best immigration lawyers in the country and as such hold ourselves to the highest standard of quality and professional ethics.

Q. What are the benefits to using an authorized representative?

Our team brings a detailed knowledge of immigration laws, policies and procedures to your application. While there are many people who have straightforward cases, and are able to file on their own, there are many who attempt and receive a refusal based on misinterpretation of immigration policy, or simply being unaware of rules and regulations. In addition, there are many people who prefer to save the time and effort and have a specialist prepare an application on their behalf. Picture it like preparing your taxes, a lot of people chose to file on their own, but there are also lots of reasons to have a qualified specialist help you out.

Q. I am not located close to your office. Do I need to be close by to work with you?

No, geographic proximity is not necessary to work with us. In fact, in many cases we never meet our clients face-to-face as they are outside of Canada. We have serviced clients from all over the world destined for cities all across Canada. Often, even clients who are close by prefer to just work with us online. As long as you are comfortable with computers, telephone and email, working with us from anywhere in the world will be a breeze!

Q. Can you guarantee the success of my application?

No. The decision to approve or refuse an application rests solely with the Canadian government. As such, it is not possible for us to ever guarantee an outcome, and any immigration representative that does is acting unethically. It is our policy to only take cases we believe have a very strong likelihood of success. If for any reason we believe that your case is not a strong one, we will tell you and let you decide if you still want to proceed knowing all the possible risks. Also, if we feel that your case requires services that we do not provide (for example we do not do refugee cases), we are happy to refer you to another service provider who may suit you better.